3 Things To Keep In Mind Following A Personal Injury To Protect Your Case

You didn't wake up this morning planning on getting injured, but sometimes life can come at you fast. If you find yourself the victim of a personal injury that is the result of someone else's carelessness, you may be entitled to some form of financial compensation. That said, the first few hours or even minutes following the accident are critical for protecting your legal rights. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that might help you.

Watch Your Words

In the aftermath of an injury, it's customary for someone to ask you if you are OK. If you have any form of pain at all and the person asking is your employer, you will want to be as upfront as possible about the pain you are experiencing. At the same time, be careful not to apologize for any part in the incident as this could result in you taking the blame for what happened if the case does end up in a courtroom.

Get Medical Attention, and Not Just From Your Employer

If injured at work, you may be required to get medical attention. But don't stop there. If you really have been injured, keep in mind you have the option to seek out independent medical advice outside of your employer's purview. Keep meticulous documentation of everything that is discussed, regardless of whether the doctor is being paid by you or your employer.

Contact a Lawyer Before Talking to an Insurance Agent

Depending on what happened, you might be contacted by the other party's insurance company or perhaps by your own employer's insurer. At this point, you need to stop and get yourself some legal representation. Even if your immediate supervisor has your best interests at heart, the corporate agent working on your insurance claim might not. You don't want to say something dumb and get your chance at a payout denied. Talk to a lawyer first, and then send the lawyer to talk with the insurance company in question.

If you are injured at work or anywhere else due to someone else's mistake, you may have a potential legal case or financial settlement to pursue if you play your cards right. To that end, choose your words carefully, both at the scene of the accident and if you are contacted by a lawyer or insurance representative. Keep complete medical records of your situation, and hire your own personal injury lawyer ASAP to achieve the best results.