Two Things You Should Know About Filing Bankruptcy Back To Back

A chapter 7 bankruptcy can help wipe out quite a bit of debt, but some may still linger after you receive your discharge papers (e.g. certain tax debt). If you're still having trouble meeting your financial obligations, one option is to file a chapter 13 right after your chapter 7 case ends. However, here are two important restrictions the bankruptcy court will place on your case. Delayed Second Discharge To prevent people from abusing the bankruptcy system, the laws restrict how often petitioners can receive discharges. Read More 

Bankruptcy Counseling: Is It Worth It?

You are considering bankruptcy lawyer services because you are not sure what else to do. Your financial situation is a precarious one, at best. That is understandable that you would want to get out from under the burdens you face, but you know there are repercussions, or you assume that there will be negative repercussions. Maybe what you need to do first is try bankruptcy counseling. It is one of the newest bankruptcy lawyer services that combines the legal side of bankruptcy with financial advice and a clear view of future ramifications. Read More